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Coming to CAFE 1950, must try their unique signature dessert – Nyonya-English afternoon tea set ! Every little dessert is very special, with two cups of coffee or English tea! and yet affordable. Friends who haven’t tried yet, what are you waiting for?  CAFE 1950 has another dessert that is a must-try dessert — a French-style Snowing Pancake! Sweet but not greasy taste, together with the full strawberry, will satisfy your taste buds and visual enjoyment! Secretly tell you that they also have a variety of western-style cakes that you can choose at CAFE 1950. 

来到 CAFE 1950, 必试的当然是他们独特的招牌甜点 – 娘惹英式下午茶!每一样小甜点都非常有特色,还包含两杯咖啡 / 两杯英式茶!价格实惠,还没尝试的朋友你还在等什么?CAFE 1950 也有另一样甜品控必点的特色甜点 — 充满法式风情的雪花煎饼 Snowing Pancake !甜而不腻的口感,加上满满的鲜草莓,必定满足你味蕾和视觉上的享受! 偷偷告诉你,他们还有各式各样令你唾涎三呎的西式蛋糕供你选择 CAFE 1950 就设在一间建于 1950 年代,室内充满了英殖民及峇峇风格的别墅! 如果你幸运的话,还可能目睹新人在进行庭院婚礼,肯定是你 ” 打卡 “的理想地点!

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Wednesday – Friday : 11am – 6pm

Saturday – Sunday : 11am – 7pm

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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