Garden Wedding


The perfect location for a variety of outdoor events. From glamourous garden weddings to the quirky and adorable, from thoughtful corporate award events to fun-filled annual festive events and elaborate family gatherings, if you are looking to host an event to remember, we can create something to suit.

如果您想举办一个值得纪念的活动,de Villa是您的理想场所。因为它从富有魅力的花园婚礼到古怪和可爱的活动,从企业奖励活动到充满乐趣的年度节日活动和精心设计的家庭聚会,都可以一一为您实现。

Planning Your Big Day


Hosting your garden wedding at de Villa is the easiest thing to do. Firstly, start with the size of your guest list. Then have a run through the packages we have on offer and pick one most suited to your requirements.

Let us know your theme, special requests or additions, and we will take care of the rest. The list of all the services we offer is too long to explain, so feel free to enquire from our person in charge. 

在de Villa举办花园婚礼是一件不费心的事。首先,从您的访客列表的多少开始。然后浏览我们提供的包装并选择最适合您要求的包装。


Dining & Catering


You can make your selection from the dining packages and share your precious thoughts towards the menu. We occasionally adjust our menus to accommodate corporate events or large family gatherings. 


Wedding Décoration


At de Villa,  the green gardens and Colonial style building provide a naturally charming background for your event. 

We have many garden wedding themes colours for you to choose from – and we do mix and match too. Tell us what you think and we will endeavour to make your dreams come true!

de Villa 拥有绿色花园和英殖民风格的建筑,为您的活动提供自然迷人的背景。

我们有许多花园婚礼主题颜色供您选择 – 也可以帮您混合搭配。告诉我们您的想法,我们将努力为您实现梦想!

Professional Event Planner


We are providing 1 stop services which include buffet (halal / non halal), table and chair setting, decoration, transparent canopy, live band, emcee, programs, light & sound system, photo booth and etc.


Send Us Your Inquiry

We would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us now, and together, we can start working on your special day right away!