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The perfect location for a variety of outdoor events. From glamourous garden weddings to the quirky and adorable, from thoughtful corporate award events to fun-filled annual festive events and elaborate family gatherings, if you are looking to host an event to remember, we can create something to suit.

如果您想举办一个值得纪念的活动,de Villa是您的理想场所。因为它从富有魅力的花园婚礼到古怪和可爱的活动,从企业奖励活动到充满乐趣的年度节日活动和精心设计的家庭聚会,都可以一一为您实现。

Corporate / Organisation Event


de Villa is conveniently located near major Melaka Tourism Attraction and is reasonably within easy reach of key transportation routes. There is ample parking space on site. We able to host a CSR event, a charity auction, an awards ceremony, a corporate holiday celebration event, a products and services fair, or an educational event.

De Villa 位置便利,靠近马六甲主要的旅游景点。我们有能力帮你策划企业社会责任活动,慈善拍卖,颁奖典礼,企业节日庆典活动,产品和服务展览会或教育活动

Private Event


We organise private events, dressing up the space of your choice to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. We are committed to ensuring your private event is everything you imagine it to be, and more. We will work with you on your theme of choice.


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